Coming back in 2018

We are pleased to officially say that Niall will be back on a bike in 2018.

However Niall isn’t looking to jump straight into a team next year. But he wants to just get back on a bike to get the enjoyment factor back into riding. So Niall is only looking at doing practise sessions and amateur meetings at present. Reason for Niall stopping back in May was due to personal problems off the track mixed in with frustrations of certain things within the sport, which made Niall feel he couldn’t put all his effort into it at that time.

Since stopping Niall has done a lot to help other riders in both England and Sweden, which he has enjoyed doing but Niall has got the bug back to give it ago again in his own way. Where there is no pressure on him, which you get at the very basic end of speedway that Niall finds unnecessary. Especially for those breaking into the sport.

But Niall is looking forward to going practising in the new year and build up to the 2018 season. Niall would like to thank those who have stuck by him and supported him at the tracks with his decision in 2017.

So here is to 2018.

Meeting Preview – Peterborough Thundercats vs MK Knights

This fixture is Niall’s first of the season in the Midland Development League on Sunday as the MK Knights take on the Peterborough Thundercats at the East of England Showground. Niall is looking forward to returning to the East of England Showground as it is one of his favourite tracks. He is feeling confident and positive ahead of this match as he had a successful practice session at Ipswich yesterday (Thursday). Ahead of Sunday, Niall has found more confidence in his new equipment after having a successful practice session at Ipswich. Niall would like to thank all his fans and sponsors for their support so far this season and is excited to kick off the MDL season this weekend.

Last season’s match

Positive Outlook

After a mixed start to the year for Niall with only one Southern Development League fixture and three previous practise sessions under his belt in 2017, there’s no wonder why Niall is struggling with inner belief towards racing. He has had a lot of off track issues in recent weeks, with waiting on the new GTR engine that arrived on Good Friday and a couple of other things, which stopped Niall getting back on the bike.

But after the Kent vs Weymouth match Niall did seem a lot more positive to get back on the bike. However the night didn’t go well with a second place and two falls on a wet night in Sittingbourne. Unfortunately the Wildcats lost to the Kestrels 22-13 after the six races.

Since Niall’s off track issues sorted he hopes to get back on track to practise after the Ipswich Championship match this Thursday. Then Niall will be back in Midland Development League action for the MK Knights as they take on Peterborough Thundercats at the East of England showground this Sunday.

Niall back on track

March 4th is the first time in 2017 Niall will be back on track.

Unlike in 2016 Niall stayed at home this winter instead of being in California like last January, but he has been hard at work on his fitness with JD Fitness and building new bikes ahead of the new season.

Niall will be returning to the track on March 4th at Peterborough for the first practice session. Peterborough is where he’ll be racing most of 2017 as the MK Knights have agreed to return to the East of England showground to use the venue for home fixtures.