Coming back in 2018

We are pleased to officially say that Niall will be back on a bike in 2018.

However Niall isn’t looking to jump straight into a team next year. But he wants to just get back on a bike to get the enjoyment factor back into riding. So Niall is only looking at doing practise sessions and amateur meetings at present. Reason for Niall stopping back in May was due to personal problems off the track mixed in with frustrations of certain things within the sport, which made Niall feel he couldn’t put all his effort into it at that time.

Since stopping Niall has done a lot to help other riders in both England and Sweden, which he has enjoyed doing but Niall has got the bug back to give it ago again in his own way. Where there is no pressure on him, which you get at the very basic end of speedway that Niall finds unnecessary. Especially for those breaking into the sport.

But Niall is looking forward to going practising in the new year and build up to the 2018 season. Niall would like to thank those who have stuck by him and supported him at the tracks with his decision in 2017.

So here is to 2018.